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Venue OS:
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* The History Behind Broadcatch - VOS

VCC - the Venue Cash Card

rev 3, 9/18/96
The Venue Cash Card provides an accounting mechanism attached to a cryptographically secure Identity object. This provides positive authentication of players in the various games and other identity-based operations.


enables all personalized services (required for booth operation)
contains a unique ID (key into Illustra DBMS)
index into an Illustra Customer Account (ICA)

A standard user interface is required to initialize the VCC (the VCC-UI)

Accepts the card data (swipe reader)
Accepts cash input (only from cashier station)
Accepts credit card or ATM input (with PIN, standard protocols)
Intializes the default Customer Pseudonym Profile (CPP)

Each Customer Pseudonym Profile (CPP) contains:

Account Info Record (AIR)
Operational History Records (internal, not modifiable)
Profile data, perhaps including:
Access to subset of Operational History Records
Rules for operation (e.g., "use this CPP for web access")
Stored data of whatever sort (e.g., bookmarks, diet restrictions, music choices)
Broadcatch / affinity group information
Link to next CPP, or NULL

Each Account Info Record (AIR) contains:

customer ID number (internal use only - read from card swipe)
at least one of:
credit card info (name, number, expiration)
cash amount (possibly from an ATM or credit transaction)
authorized limit
Mac station IP address
(machine name?)

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