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Our mission is to create a suite of privacy-enhancing online services that are accessible, both in terms of cost and technological simplicity, to everyone. We will build tools and interfaces that allow marketers to better locate their interested market segments while transparently managing these interactions on behalf of the users. Our profile management technology enables the background collection of user preferences, historical usage and trust metrics that can then be employed to enhance the user's online experience. Further, some or all of the user's profile may be pseudonymously shared to attract valuable offers from marketers, or as a mechanism for creating community with like-minded individuals.

Currently we are engaged in three primary areas of engineering development:

  1. Supporting the design and implementation of the OpenPrivacy platform that enables an anonymous digital marketplace

  2. Designing and implementing the first commercial-grade reputation servers

  3. Defining and implementing a class of agents that cooperate to enable reputation capital assignment, accrual and exchange

To contact Broadcatch Technologies, call us at 415-749-0499 or email us (preferred) at <freedom AT broadcatch DOT com>

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Broadcatch is built on the OpenPrivacy Platform
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