1981 - NewsPeek
     1983 - GIN
     1989 - SmarTV
     1992 - GenMagic
     1994 - CDML
     1994 - Social Ads
     1996 - Venue OS
     1999 - Lumeria

Venue OS:
   Message Types
   Venue Cash Card

* The History Behind Broadcatch - VOS

Broadcatch: Useful Reading

An Intro to Genetic Programming [GP]
A source of information about the field of genetic programming
The Genetic Programming Paradigm
Short, light on detail
Think of the:
  • "syntax of the tree-structures" defined by a set of filters running across the data, and the
  • "fitness functions" as the rules, eventually augmented by people -- eventually even customers -- who create and execute their own filters
Extra Credit:
Inductive Logic Programming

Some Cool Papers

From Habitat to Global Cyberspace
OK, so we aren't building global cyberspace, but we are building an intranet that can do such things as video-on-demand and provide an internal currency. A lot of the things that make global cyberspace difficult are easier in the MediaBar.
Multimedia Standards & The Next Mass Medium
Describes three phases in thinking about the network: technology, content, and value.
Useful & Fun:
The Coming Jurisdictional Swamp of Global Internetworking
(Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Anonymity)

More Reading

The Role of Java in InfoSleuth:
Agent-based Exploitation of Heterogeneous Information Resources
This is one of the closest moves toards Broadcatch I've seen. Couple this with the E Programming Language, add a dash of reputations, and you've got a winner.
Collaborative Filtering
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