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Broadcatch Technologies is a software and consulting venture that encompasses a wide range of products and services built upon the secure, open source reputation servers provided by the OpenPrivacy platform. These services - which are designed to enhance web access while protecting personal privacy - include:

  • infomediary agents that capitalize on the anonymous digital marketplace by streamlining marketer access to interested and qualified customers
  • personalized portal and community building systems
  • pseudonymous publishing and reputation capital accrual
  • inter- and intra-community persona, profile and reputation management
  • anonymous verification and authentication facilities
  • OpenPrivacy systems support and consulting services

As information - and in particular, access to trusted and timely information - becomes increasingly important in our daily lives, OpenPrivacy and Broadcatch usher in powerful new paradigms for publishing and access. While OpenPrivacy provides a base platform for secure reputation transactions, broadcatch adds profile management, user-centered search and rating mechanisms, and a gateway to an agoric digital marketplace. The term broadcatch itself suggests turning the conventional form of information access on its head. Again, while broadcast is one to many, broadcatch is many to one.

Who Benefits

A Broadcatch-enabled system provides increasingly accurate and fine grained secure, authenticated profile information to and about users over time. This profile information can be used by:

  • users to better find and/or filter information sources and content and potentially receive compensation for securely and pseudonymously sharing their habits,
  • broker agents (infomediaries) that have user-defined visibility into the user's profile and thus are able to provide e.g. new services that the user may desire,
  • direct marketers, who will be able to define and potentially reach (once directed by the user's infomediary) precise market segments.

In short, the goal of Broadcatch Technologies is to provide personalized, incorruptible access to information for everyone. In the past, we have created systems that approach our goals, but only now is the technology fully available to realize the dream and promise of Broadcatch.

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